Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Make Simple Beanie Caps for Baby Dolls

This little Berenquer Doll came dressed from the local Goodwill! He is the
 perfect companion to my other little boy, baby dolls. I think he needs a hat.
    It seems as though you can make just about anything from a nice pair of socks these days. If you don't feel your up to knitting little beanie caps from scratch, cut up a some of those socks that you can't find a match for! Suddenly, knit baby bonnets will become fashionable in your doll nursery. 
   Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut across a sock just above the heal. Turn the sock piece inside out and sew a tough seam across the end cut side. Repeat this seam several times to eliminate the prospect of the sock unraveling. Turn it back to the front sides facing out and fit it over a bald doll's head. Now tuck in the peaks until you've got the beanie looking fit and trim. Thread an embroidery needle with contrasting floss and sew the nips and tuck down securely to the shape of your doll's head.

Socks Make Great Garments for Dolls:
Tuck in the corners of the sock and sew them down with a embroidery thread and needle.
I did this using a blanket stitch. The trick to getting this just right is to do it while it is
 stretched over the surface of a bald dolls head. Don't do it if your doll has a wig! 

These socks no longer have a matching partner so I've decided to reshape them into nursery beanie caps for a few dolls.
Introduce your child to sewing with this simple doll cap craft. My grandmother taught me to sew on a machine
 step-by-step by adding costumes to my doll's wardrobe many years ago.
Their heads are warm, now all they need are some booties.

Two young ladies show off a "no sew" version of the project.

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