Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Push And Pull Toys

        Above is one of many wooden pull toys in our family collection. This alligator was made by hand. The wooden balls spin as the comical reptile is being pulled across the floor. Below is a bouncing, wooden frog by Melissa and Doug and a dancing alligator by Plantoys Planwood.

What kinds of skills can a baby or toddler learn with the use of push or pull toys?
  1. learning to balance his or her body weight on two feet or one foot
  2. coordinating two skills at once, walking and pushing something
  3. selecting a direction to move and successfully accomplishing it
  4. listening and acting according to sounds that the object makes while moving
  5. large motor skills are practiced over and over
  6. developing the sense of one's own body and how that relates to another object

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