Saturday, May 16, 2015

Boy's Names D, E, F

Name: Meaning: Origin
  • Dana: A Dane: Scandinavian
  • Daniel: God is my judge: Hebrew
  • Daudi: Beloved one: Swahili
  • David: Beloved one: Hebrew
  • Declan: man of prayer: Irish
  • Dembe: Peace: Luganda
  • Dennis: A worshiper: Greek
  • Derek: gifted ruler: English
  • Dexter: Right handed: Latin
  • Diego: supplanter or he that replaces: Spanish
  • Dominic: Lordly or belonging to God: Roman
  • Donald: Proud: Proud: Celtic
  • Douglas: Thoughtful: Celtic
  • Dudley: Heroic : English
  • Duke: Leader: Latin
  • Duncan: Brown Chief: Celtic
  • Dwight : White: Teutonic
  • Earl: Novelman: English
  • Edgar:Wealthy: Teutonic
  • Edmund:  Prosperous: English
  • Edward: Blessed guard: English
  • Edwin:Valuable friend: English
  • Eli: The highest: Hebrew
  • Elijah: Jehovah is God: Hebrew
  • Elliot: Faithful to God: Hebrew
  • Emanuel: God is with us: Hebrew
  • Emil: Industrious: Teutonic
  • Eric: Ever powerful: Teutonic
  • Ernest: Intent in purpose: Teutonic
  • Eugene: Well-born: Greek
  • Evan: Young warrior: Celtic
  • Farley: Traveler: English
  • Ferdinand:Adventurous in life: Teutonic
  • Ferris: A rock: Celtic
  • Francis: Free: Teutonic
  • Franklin: A freeman: Teutonic
  • Frederick: Peaceful ruler: Teutonic

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