Saturday, May 16, 2015

Boy's Names J, K, L

Name: Meaning: Origin
  • Jabulani: Be happy: Zimbab
  • Jacob: The supplanter: Hebrew
  • Jacy: The moon: Native American 
  • James: Ancestor: Hebrew 
  • Jason: The healer: Greek 
  • Jay: Lively: Old German 
  • Jeffrey: God's peace: Teutonic 
  • Jerome: Ol sacred name: Greek
  • Jesse: Grace: Hebrew
  • Joel: Strong-willed: Hebrew 
  • John: Given by God: Hebrew
  • Jonathan:Gift of the Lord: Hebrew
  • Joseph: An addition: Hebrew
  • Julian, Julius: Youthful: Greek
  • Justin: The upright: Latin
  • Karutunda: A little person: Runyankore
  • Keith Wood dweller: Celtic 
  • Kemi: Spoil me with love: Yoruba
  • Kenneth: Comely: Celtic 
  • Kent: Bright: Celtic 
  • Kermit: God of arms: Celtic 
  • Kevin: Kind and gentle: Celtic 
  • Kirk: Church dweller: Teutonic
  • Kobe: Turtle:Swahili
  • Kovan: Owl: African 
  • Lakota: Friend: Native American
  • Lambert: Glory of his country: Teutonic
  • Lawrence, Laurence: Victorious: Latin
  • Lee: A physician: Celtic
  • Leland: From the meadow land: English
  • Leo, Leonard: Strong as a lion: Latin
  • Leopold: Patriotic: Teutonic
  • Leslie: From the for: Celtic
  • Lester: Seeking the truth: English
  • Levi: joined together, attached: Hebrew
  • Lewis, Louis: Famous in battle: Teutonic
  • Liam: strong will, warrior, protective: Irish
  • Lincoln: From the pool: Celtic
  • Lloyd: Gray: Celtic
  • Logan: hollow, surname: Scottish
  • Luke: Light: Latin
  • Lucas: bright or shining: Latin
  • Lyle: From the island: Latin

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