Saturday, May 16, 2015

Boy's Names P, Q, R

Name: Meaning: Origin
  • Patrick: Noble: Latin
  • Paul: Little: Latin
  • Percival, Perry: A knight: Latin 
  • Perrie: lives near a pear tree: Scottish
  • Peter, Pierre: A rock: Greek
  • Philip: Lover of horses: Greek
  • Preston: From the church: English
  • Quentin: The fifth: Latin
  • Quincy: From the son's place: English 
  • Quinn: counsel: Gaelic
  • Ralph: Home loving: Teutonic
  • Randall Protector Teutonic
  • Randolph: Hero: Teutonic
  • Ray, Raymond: Mighty protector: Teutonic
  • Reginald: Of great power: Teutonic
  • Reuben: Behold, a son: Hebrew
  • Richard: Powerful ruler: Teutonic
  • Robert: Of shining fame: Teutonic
  • Roger: Tall, straight: Teutonic
  • Ronald: Worthy of admiration: Teutonic
  • Rory, Roy: Kingly: Old French
  • Rudolph: Unconquerable: Teutonic
  • Rupert: Famous: Teutonic
  • Russell: Red-haired: Latin

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