Saturday, May 16, 2015

Boy's Names S, T, U

Name: Meaning: Origin
  • Samuel: Asked of God: Hebrew
  • Saul: Longed for: Hebrew
  • Sekayi: laughter: Shona 
  • Schuyler: A shelter: Dutch 
  • Scott: A Scot: Scottish 
  • Seth: Deep: Hebrew 
  • Seymour: Famed at sea: Teutonic 
  • Sherman: A good friend: English  
  • Sidney: Troubled: English 
  • Simon: Obedient: Hebrew  
  • Solomon: Wise: Hebrew
  • Sono: Elephant: Akan 
  • Spencer: Keeper of provisions: English  
  • Stanley: Glorious: Slavonic  
  • Stephen, Steven: Loyal: Greek  
  • Stewart, Stuart: A steward: English 
  • Taylor: occupational name: Norman
  • Terence, Terry: Tender: Latin  
  • Theodore: Divine gift: Greek
  • Thomas: Good company: Hebrew  
  • Timothy: Honoring God: Greek
  • Titus: pleasing: Roman
  • Toben: Praise God: Ibo
  • Trevor: settlement: Welsh
  • Tyson: firebrand: Old French
  • Umija: Unity: Swahili 
  • Upton: From the high town: English  
  • Uriah: The Lord is my light: Hebrew

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