Saturday, May 16, 2015

Girl's Names D, E, F

Name: Meaning: Origin
  • Dagmar: Joy of the Danes: Danish 
  • Daisy: Flower: English
  • Daphne: The laurel tree: Greek 
  • Deborah: Industrious: Hebrew
  • Deidre: Sorrow: Gaelic
  • Delia: Brave: Greek
  • Diana, Diane: Goddess: Latin
  • Dinah: The avenged: Hebrew
  • Didara: Good graceful girl: Yoruba
  • Dolores: Sorrow: Latin
  • Dorothy, Doris: Gift of God: Latin
  • Edith, Enid: Wealth: English
  • Edna: Delight: Hebrew
  • Eileen: Light: Greek
  • Elaine: Bright: Greek
  • Eleanor, Ellen: Light: Greek
  • Elizabeth: Consecrated to God: Hebrew
  • Elsie, Elsa: Noble: Teutonic 
  • Emerson: brave and powerful: German: both genders
  • Emily: Industrious: Teutonic
  • Enid: The soul: Celtic
  • Ernestine: Serious: Teutonic
  • Esther: Star: Hebrew
  • Etania: Wealthy: Native American
  • Ethel: Noble: Teutonic
  • Eunice: Victorious: Greek
  • Eve, Evelyn: Life: Hebrew
  • Faith: Faithful: Latin
  • Fala: Crow: Native American
  • Fang: Fragrant: Chinese
  • Fay: Fairy: French
  • Felice: Fortunate: Latin 
  • Felicity: happy or happiness: English
  • Florence: Flowering: Latin
  • Frances: Free: Teutonic
  • Frieda: Peaceful: Teutonic
  • Frederica: Princess of peace: Teutonic

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