Saturday, May 16, 2015

Girl's Names G, H, I

Name: Meaning: Origin
  • Gabriela: God's able-bodied woman: Hebrew
  • Gabrielle: God is my strength: Hebrew  
  • Gail: Lively: English
  • Gay: Merry: Teutonic
  • Genama: Secure and happy: Zulu 
  • Genevieve: White wave: Celtic
  • Georgette: Dignity: Greek
  • Geraldine: Mighty: Teutonic  
  • Gertrude: Protected: Teutonic  
  • Gladys: Glad: English  
  • Gloria: Glorious: Latin  
  • Grace: Graceful: Latin  
  • Greta: A pearl: Greek  
  • Gretchen: Little pearl: Greek  
  • Gwen: Fair: Celtic 
  • Halle: Unexpected gift: African
  • Hallie: Ruler of the home: Teutonic 
  • Hannah: Mercy: Hebrew 
  • Harriette: Mistress of the home: Teutonic 
  • Hazel: Commander: Teutonic 
  • Heather: Flower: English 
  • Helen: Light: Greek 
  • Helga: Holy: Teutonic 
  • Henrietta: Of noble birth: Teutonic 
  • Hilda, Hildegarde: War maiden: Teutonic 
  • Holly: Good luck: English
  • Huan: Happiness: Chinese 
  • Ida: Happy: Teutonic  
  • Ilka: Industrious: Latin  
  • Imogene: Great mind: Latin  
  • Ina: Rich gift: Teutonic  
  • Inez: Gentle: Greek  
  • Ingrid: Daughter: Teutonic  
  • Irene: Peace: Greek  
  • Iris: Rainbow: Greek
  • Irma: Noble: Latin  
  • Isabelle, Isobel: Blessed: Spanish
  • Issa: The Lord is my salvation: Swahili
  • Istas: Snow: Native American
  • Ivy: faithful or faithfulness: English

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