Tuesday, February 6, 2018

My Three Dolls

My Three Dolls
by Isabel Allardyce

I have three dolls, the dearest dolls
That ever you did see,
They're Clementine, and Rosabelle,
And Susan-Ann-Marie.
I'm very proud of Clementine,
For she's a lady fair
She has the daintiest dresses,
Blue eyes and golden hair;
So when my friends upon me call,
Or I go out to tea,
I always take my Clementine,
To show her off, you see.

Now Rasabelle's a baby doll,
So very big and fine
I don't know any one that has 
A baby doll like mine.
She's bigger than my cousin Dan,
Who's nearly six weeks old,
And when I want to carry her
She's more than I can hold;
And so I wheel her in a coach,
And O she looks so swell,
That all the children envy me
My baby Rosabelle.

But when I've been a naughty girl,
Or can't go out to tea,
Or when I'm ill, I play all day
With Susan-Ann-Marie.
For though I'm proud of Clementine,
And vain of Rosabelle,
I love my dear old raggy-doll
Far more than I can tell;
And every night she comes to bed,
And snuggles down with me,
She's such a very comfy thing,
Is Susan-Ann-Marie.

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