Saturday, September 30, 2017

Paper Doll Poem by Pauline King

Dear little Paper Dolls, that grow
All in a beautiful, even row!
Their toes turn out in a way that's grand,
And they look so friendly, hand in hand.
I 've boughten dolls put away on the shelf -
For I love these best that I make myself. 

Then there come nice little paper boys
Who play with the girls, and break their toys.
They all have trousers down to their knees,
And they may shout just as loud as they please.
They never are bothered with dresses and curls,
And never are taken for little girls. 

Of course there are cats in Paper Land,
Or who would catch the rats?
They talk the language children talk,
And not the talk of cats.
They say, instead of "purr," and "mew," 
"Good afternoon," and "How do you do?"

The Paper folks don't always walk,
But ride out every day;
Their horses go just like the wind,
And do not care for hay -
They gallop in a long straight line,
And really do look very fine.

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