Thursday, March 29, 2018

Grandma Always Does


I wants to mend my wagon,
And has to have some nails, -
Jus' two, free will be plenty, -
We're going to haul our rails.
The splendidest cob-fences
We're makin', ever was!
I wis' you'd help us find 'em -
Gran'ma ollers does!

My horse's name is Betsy;
She jumped and broked her head ;
I put her in the stable.
And fed her milk and bread.
The stable 's in the parlor, -
We didn't make no muss, -
I wis' you'd let it stay there -
Gran'ma ollers does !

I wants some bread and butter,
I's hungry worstest kind;
But Toddie mustn't have none,
'Cause she wouldn't mind.
Put plenty sugar on it.
Just lots of it, because
It's right to put on sugar -
Gran'ma ollers does!

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