Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Housekeeper's Troubles


Dollie's wet her
Feet to get her
Posies, in the morning dew;
Sure to be sick -
Cold or colic -
Like as not the measles too.

There is Freddy,
Always ready
Into awful 'fairs to fall:
Bad as Rosy -
Doodness knows, I
Don't know how to manage 't all!

Jack or Norah 's
Telled a story!
One or fuver ate ma's cake!
While there's silly,
Greedy Willy
Got a drefful stomach-ache!

Naughty Bessie
Tored her dress; she
Wants an aver one, I s'pose;
I tell you what,
It tates a lot
Of work to teep my dolls in tose!

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