Sunday, January 4, 2015

Animated Baby Gifs for your Cyberspace Birth Announcements

These animated gifs. are free for you to use when announcing the creation of your baby to family and friends. You can post them online, put them into email etc...
This little baby gif. is calling it's mother.
I animated baby with real lung power.

Animated cartoon baby shakes his rattle and cries for attention.

This animated baby girl can move her eye brows up and down.

An animation of a sleeping baby on top of his bottle.

Animated suckling baby with pacifier and teddy bear.

This funny little animation is sucking her thumb.
A bouncing baby girl inside of her animated buggy.
Animated baby bounces up and down inside of his crib.

Animated baby learns to crawl.

Animated baby learns to walk.

Funny animated baby with tears.

Animated baby block spell boy.

Animated baby blocks spell girl.

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