Monday, January 5, 2015

Sign a Birth Certificate For Your Baby Doll

       In many countries, a birth certificate is important because: it establishes the citizenship of a baby, it documents the legal proof of a baby's parents and it confirms the age of a baby.
       In the case of an adoption, a replacement birth certificate is substituted replacing the birth parents' names with the adoptive parents.
      This vintage Birth Certificate was made using a book plate from an old, nostalgic baby book. Print it out and fill in the information for your very own baby doll. A pretend birth certificate for your doll makes an excellent page inside of a doll scrapbook.

Four Basic Questions for A New Parent: Although these questions seem simple, remember that questions like these are the first ever used to define who a person is by a modern human community.
  1. What is your baby's name?
  2. On what day was your baby born?
  3. Where was your baby born?
  4. Who are the baby's parents?

Baby swinging in a basket of blue forget-me-nots,
surrounded by fairies and pink ribbons.

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