Monday, May 11, 2015

Peeps at The World's Dolls

This lovely lithograph "A Morning Walk" is from the
United States Government Archives. The artist is un-
known. Some of the chapters by Croyden do not
include illustrations so these will be enhanced
 with materials from alternative archives.
      In presenting this book, " Peeps at the World's Dolls," it is a great pleasure to me to think of the many girl doll-lovers into whose hands, I hope, it may come, and of the hours that they may spend in reading it and looking at the pictures. Those in color are direct color photographs, made by myself from the actual dolls, and they faithfully present every shade and detail exactly as these dolls appear.
      Many friends have given me great assistance, and I wish to express my hearty thanks to them as well as to various books. Missionary Societies, and Reference Libraries, which have provided me with information as to costumes, customs, and curious dolls. I have also had the advantage of free access, for purposes of photography and study, to a collection of over three hundred English and foreign dolls (many of them very rare), the property of an old friend.
      To one and all, my best thanks. May the book afford as much pleasure to those who read, as it has given me to write.
      Much of what you will read and view here are the abridged text and photographs by H. W. Canning-Wright. The content has been edited, updated and adapted for classroom use. However, adult visitors may wish to read the original book located at the Internet Archive
    CONTENTS: Chapters are linked below as these are transcribed and edited for young students.
    1. Great Britain: Old English Doll
    2. An Automated, American Doll Named Sadie
    3. The Feast of Dolls: Hinamatsuri or Doll's Day
    4. Russia: Russian Woodmen dolls made from moss, fir, cones, etc...
    5. A Flathead Dolly: Native American "Flathead" Papoose Doll in Leather Carrier
    6. Lapland: Dolls from Lapland in the typical winter and summer dress
    7. Italian Bambinos: Italian Dolls
    8. Maria Theresa, of Hungry: Hungarian Dolls
    9. The Precious Child of Korea: A Korean Doll
    10. Le Belle Franchaise: French Fisherfolk Dolls
    11. South African Dolls; Old and New
    12. Harald, the Norwegian: Norwegian Peasant Doll
    13. Chandi and Kali: The Indian Native Dolls
    14. The Best Doll House in Switzerland!
    15. Dolores, of Sunny Spain
    16. Kopiolani Imagines Her Samoan Dolly
    17. Wilhelmina Enjoys The Dutch Flowers
    18. The Dolls From Turkey
    19. A Mongolian Lady and Manchu Gentleman: Mongolian Dolls
    20. Belgium, The Great Adventure
    21. A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Video by Doll and Miniature 
    Museum of High Point. High Point, NC.
     Come along with Stephanie Bourland 
    for an insider's tour of this great little 

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