Saturday, May 16, 2015

Boy's Names M, N, O

Name: Meaning: Origin
  • Malcolm: Kingly: Gaelic
  • Manay: Love: African: Quechua
  • Manuel: God is with us or God is among us: Hebrew
  • Mark: Defender: Latin
  • Martin: Unyielding: Latin
  • Marvin: Famous friend: Teutonic
  • Matthew: Gift of God: Hebrew
  • Maurice: Persistent: Latin
  • Max: A leader: Latin
  • Melvin: Chief: Celtic
  • Michael: Like unto the Lord: Hebrew
  • Miles: A soldier: Latin
  • Milton: From the farm: English
  • Mitchell: Mill-keeper: English
  • Monzal: Handsome one: Amharic
  • Morgan: Born by the sea: Celtic
  • Morns: Dark skinned: Latin
  • Mortimer: Ever living: Old French
  • Morton: From the moor: English
  • Murray: Seaman: Celtic
  • Nathan, Nathaniel: Gift of the Lord: Hebrew
  • Neal, Neil: Champion: Celtic
  • Nelson: A hero: Celtic
  • Nestor: English
  • Nicholas: Victory of the people: Greek
  • Nigel: Gaelic
  • Noah: rest, repose: Hebrew
  • Noam: pleasantness: Hebrew
  • Noble: high born, distinguished: Scottish
  • Noel: Christmas: French
  • Norman: Man from the north: Teutonic
  • Ogden: From the oak valley: English
  • Oliver : Peaceful: Latin
  • Orson: Wealthy: Teutonic
  • Oscar : Active: Celtic
  • Otis: Keen of hearing: Greek
  • Owen : Well born: Greek

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